• This is our Youth

    Gediz University Turkey High School Debate Championship which was held for the 3rd time this year brought together young students from 52 high schools.

  • Perfect Success

    Gediz University's University Basketball Team qualified for the Turkish Super League by becoming the undefeated team of the Inter University Basketball First League.

  • Address of Best Quality Entertainment: GedizFest

    The spring festival of Gediz University, GedizFest attracted a high number of audience with its distinctive schedule which brought together the famous figures of Turkish music and entertainm ...

  • Environmentally Friendly University

    Gediz University's hybrid power plant which generates electricity from wind and solar energy started to function after an opening ceremony held on Seyrek Campus.

  • International Conference on Migration and Gender 2016

    Held by the Gediz University Gender Development Studies, the International Conference on Migration and Gender 2016 brought together a wide range of scholars from 31 countries.

  • Kavuk: İzmir'in Yıldızı Parlıyor

    Kavuk: Izmir'in yildizi parliyor 'Gediz Üniversitesi Mütevelli Heyeti Baskani Abdullah Kavuk, "Sekiz bin yillik hosgörü ^^^kültüründen beslenen 41 yasam tarzi, dört mevsimli essiz iklimi, tarihi, dogal güzellikleri, kisacasi çogu buraya özgü tüm zenginlikleriyle Izmir'in yildizi egitimde de parliyor" diyor.

  • Gediz Üniversitesi Dünyanın Tercihi

    Gediz Üniversitesi dünyanin tercihi Gediz üniversitesi, 74 ülkeden gençleri lisans egitimi için bulusturdu; Izmir'i dünya markasi haline getirdi.

  • Proje Üstüne Proje

    Gediz Üniversitesi, Laboratuvar sayısını 22'ye yükseltti.

  • You may view all the activities and events to take place at our University and make a request.

  • Setting off with the principle that one of the primary tasks of all universities is to train and enlighten people who live in the same region and country, our Continuing Education Center plays a significant role in guiding corporations and individuals within the areas they demand progress, by considering the changing and improving life conditions.

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  • The Distance Education Center provides students and lecturers a time and location free educational platform where lectures are conducted interactively in a virtual environment. Students are offered a 7/24 university education in which they may always access lecture videos and course materials whenever they wish.

    Our Center which was established in 2013 offers the classes for the MBA program, Occupational Health and Safety program, and Common Required Courses Department. Almost two thousand students access the lectures via our system. New master’s programs for the Health Organization Management and Labor Health and Occupational Health and Safety will start admitting students, soon. In addition, our center provides a base of support for numerous formal training classes.

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    Seyrek Campus

    Çankaya Building

    Çiğli Building

    Gediz Dormitory for Girls

  • The 4th annual academic meeting in international political economy will take place from Thursday 21 May to Friday 22 May at Gediz University in Izmir, Turkey. Jointly organized by Leeds Beckett University (Leeds, UK) and Florida International University (Miami, USA), this workshop aims to provide an intellectual forum for scholars of political economy, politics and international relations. We welcome participation from faculty, graduate students, independent scholars, and practitioners analyzing the issues confronting aspects of multilateralism from a variety of disciplines.

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